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Enroll your little one, we have a safe and completely reliable environment.



We care children 7 months to 8 years.
We have 15 years forming great children, in a safe and happy environment, with trained personnel.


We have art, music, technology programs and much more, we focus on each child in a personalized manner

About Us

We are a company with more than 15 years of experience, with fully trained staff, we have a bilingual area, we can adapt to the needs of your little ones.

We have an inclusive and safe environment, we promote individuality, creativity, teamwork, early stimulation and learning by playing.

We train children in a safe and happy environment.

Come and visit us

Visit our facilities, we have large recreational areas according to the age of each child. We ensure that your child will be happy learning.

Our Preschool, Our Family, Our Community.

We encourage each and every area of your children, we want to be an extension of your family, our goal is for your children to be happy in their first educational experience.



Your child will begin to make his first scribbles, which will soon become his first words.


Gradually we begin to teach your child the wonderful world of mathematics. And, in our small garden, they will learn to cultivate and observe how nature works


We will promote the creative area of your little one.
We will teach them to learn through play, we have trained teachers in the musical area and in the artistic area.

Critical Thinking

We will encourage debate, that children learn to think, make good decisions and draw their own conclusions.

They will solve their problems successfully

When a situation arises, we will teach them to analyze the situation, to look at the pros and cons, so they can make the best possible decision.

How to decide with autonomy

We will not impose our criteria, we will guide the child on the right path, so that he/she consciously knows what things are right or wrong.

Analyze Pros and Cons

We will motivate our small clients to ask and to be well-informed, and for that, we will make them develop in an environment where intellectual curiosity flows.

Interest topics for each child

Encourage debate, provoke controversy, ask many questions and give different answers, compare and contrast stories, and of course, even if they are wrong, make them feel safe. We will reinforce their trust, so that they have a personality of their own and to be responsible when making decisions. We know that the brain can be trained to think in a logical and positive way.

We will teach them to seek explanations of life.

We will help them to think and therefore to be aware and draw conclusions. It is essential to perform tasks in groups and make it clear that nothing happens because of having another point of view and not agreeing with others opinion. In addition, they will learn to develop values ​​such as equality, tolerance and empathy.


What Our Families are Saying

«It seems that it was yesterday, when looking for the ideal place to leave our little Ingrid (at that time with 8 months), we discovered by chance the existence of this precious school.» From the first visit, I felt with certainty that this and not another, it was the place where I wanted her to be taken care of.

It was a very strong and special feeling. From the first moment, the welcome was warm and sincere, and such treatment has been continued on each of the days we have been there «

«During these four years, we have been able to see how our son was evolving. In an incredible way he acquired his own knowledge according to his age, surrounded by an almost familiar and full of affection environment «.

«Today is the last day of Lara’s class. Both Carlos and I, we wanted to thank you with all our heart, for this first school year of our daughter, for the love with which they have treated us, both her and us, for the infinite patience they have had, and most importantly , because of how much Lara has learned and advanced in this difficult task that is learning to grow «.