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Twitch and Duolingo team up to teach new languages.

Most of us already know the famous platform of «Duolingo,» where you can learn a wide variety of languages, it is an excellent option to take the first steps when you want to learn a new language, it has an intuitive and totally free learning system, where learning can become fun and addictive, you can earn points for your correct answers, for competing against the clock and for leveling up, with short and effective lessons.
«Twitch», also known as Twitch.tv, is a platform that offers the service of streaming live video, allows broadcast videogames «playthroughs» of games played by users, it is owned by Amazon.
These two platforms, Duolingo and Twitch, show us «Duolingo Verified Streamer», with this new initiative, they try to combine language learning in interactive ways, it’s designed to show multilingual Streamers, from various countries around the world, so that all this forms a resource for students or people who wish to learn other languages.
Duolingo knows that to learn new languages a wide variety of media is required, such as movies, music or books and because of this, they decided to bring us games and streaming content that we can use to improve language skills. Their goal is to provide education through streaming and videogames.
The «Duolingo» teachers-streamers are not experts in languages, but they will provide new and creative ways for each viewer to get involved with foreign languages, providing a fun place to learn, practice and listen.
Streamers will offer a wide variety of content, such as sports, cooking, art games and more. The streamers will be multilingual, committed to their audiences, with a wide variety of different types of content, encouraging users to interact through Twitch chat. Those videos will have Duolingo lessons, for example: when they make a recipe they will have a conversation while they make their video.
At the moment, only videos that teach English, French, Arabic, Chinese and Spanish will be available, but their idea is to gradually incorporate many more languages, as well as the channels dedicated to learning them.

To watch the Duolingo channel on Twitch you can go to the following link www.twitch.tv/duolingo.

We hope you enjoy this new way to complement your learning, do not wait any longer and schedule a study session with this stream while doing your daily chores.